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The Divine Wisdom 10 Day Challenge

During this FREE 10 day challenge, we will silence the noise that causes confusion and tune into the Divine Wisdom that is available to each one of us.

You will experience peace, joy, and clarity of mind that will help you see your path forward.

Who is this good for?

This is ideal if you are:

  • Searching for Purpose in Your Life
  • A Conscious Business Owner Who Needs Clarity 
  • Feeling Stuck and Lacking Momentum
  • Unable to Make an Important Decision
  • Lacking Joy and Excitement
Divine Wisdom Spiral in Nature

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Virtual Kickoff Event

March 8
7:00pm CST

You will learn how to:

Cleanse & Listen to Your Body

Cleanse the body by only drinking water for the full 10 days. You will learn to listen to the subtle signals that your body is giving you by first awakening your natural thirst.

Energize Your Mind

Improve your joy, creativity, intuition, & wisdom through sound healing. For 11 mins each day you will use your voice to create sound vibrations that will energize your mind and activate your pituitary gland. (Follow along to audio recording)

Discover Nature's Majesty

Open to the divine by immersing yourself in nature. You will walk 11 mins each day while you observe your natural surroundings. Throughout history, connecting with nature has always provided a path to sacred knowledge.

Remove Mental Blocks

Break through blocks that have been limiting your progress. Using stream of consciousness writing, you will journal for 11 mins each day. This is where you begin to receive the divine guidance.

Connect with Community

Commit to finishing and receive the benefits. Accountability and support will be provided through an online group discussion to help you complete your challenge.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Lance Bozek.

10 years ago bankruptcy and foreclosure were my saving grace. It rescued me from a life I hated and sent me on a path of self discovery that eventually allowed me to understand the purpose of my existence and provided a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Yoga and meditation retreats, along with moments of solitude in the natural splendor of Southern Utah provided glimpses of the inner guide that was available.

Eventually this led me to live on sustainable farms which showed how a connection to nature, when paired with meditation & healthy balanced living, is the path to inner guidance that is available to anyone.

It would be my honor to help you discover your own Divine Wisdom.

Lance Bozek in nature

Discover Your Divine Wisdom Today.

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